Tom & Jerry Comedy Show (1980)

Nu stiu daca va mai amintiti prea mult din Tom and Jerry Comedy Show din 1980.Personal mi-au placut mult de tot pentru ca erau mai multe personaje(Tom, Jerry, Droopy, Barney Bear, Spike, Slick) mai colorate.Partea proasta e ca atunci cand am inceput sa colectionez desene am gasit colectia..incompleta,si partea mai nasoala erau in bulgara,germana, alte limbi d-astea obscure :).Daca le are cineva pe toate in engleza astept un comentariu :D.
Aveti mai jos 3 episoade.Vizionare placuta! :)

The Trojan Dog / Pie in the Sky

Jerry’s Country Cousin / Mechanical Failure

No Museum Peace / Mouse Over Miami

This series is based on “Tom and Jerry” was created by William Denby Hanna and Joseph Roland Barbera.

This series is filmed in Metrocolor, the exact same process they used in theatrical cartoons of Tom and Jerry in the 1960s. Metrocolor is the stock from Eastmancolor from Rochester, New York.

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