Harta povestilor Disney




Brother Bear: Northern Canada, Alaska.
Meet the Robinsons: US/Canada. Lewis mentions being from Canada but the tone of the family seems like they are American.
Bambi: Northern US/Canada. Though originally a German story, the collection of animals clearly indicates North American wildlife.
Fox and the Hound: Norther US/Canada. Same argument as Bambi.
Chicken Little: US. Generally American feel but no specifics given.
Home on the Range: Western US.
Lady and the Tramp: Eastern US. Small town America feel. Shown celebrating forth of July.
A Bug’s Life : Texas/Mexico Border
Icabod Crane: Sleepy Hollow
Oliver and Company: New York City
Pocahontas: Virginia
Incredibles: Midwest/Chicago city feel
Toy Story: Small Michigan town
Bolt: Hollywood.
Lilo and Stitch: Hawaii
Princess and the Frog: New Orleans
Rescuers: New Orleans/ Bayou
Dumbo: Florida. Where he is “born” and a bulk of the movie takes place.
Little Mermaid: Caribbean. Though the story is Danish, the wildlife is clearly tropical, Sebastian is Jamaican and it is very reasonable to have European royals in their settlements. Please do not leave any comments on the position of this movie. I realize the original story is Danish and there are only fair skinned people in the movie. I have heard every argument from every side and I’m going with MY OPINION on this one. The movie is too inconsistent to make a 100% correct ID on the location so I’m going with what seems right to me given all the evidence.


Emperor’s New Groove: Peru
Up: Venezuela


Robin Hood: England
The Great Mouse Detective: England
Sword and the Stone: England
Winnie the Pooh: England
Alice in Wonderland: England
Mr. Toad: England
Black Cauldron: Mythological Wales
101 Dalmations: England
Peter Pan: London.
Cars2 : The last and big part of the movie is set in England
Brave : Scotland
Snow White: Germany.
Sleeping Beauty: Germany.
Pinocchio : An Italian story and they are near the sea.
Tangled: Germany
Cinderella: France
Hunchback of Notre Dame: Paris
Beauty and the Beast: France
Aristocats: France
Ratattouille : Paris
Hercules: Greece
Atlantis: Mediterranean


Tarzan: Ivory Coast
Lion King: Africa

Jungle Book : India
Mulan: China
Aladdin: General Saudi Arabia

Rescuers Down Under: Australia
Finding Nemo : Great Barrier Reef

Dinosaur: Pangea
Treasure Planet: Alternate Universe
Wreck-It Ralph : Cyberspace
Monsters Inc. : Alternate Universe
Wall-e : Future Earth/Space


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